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My name is Damian Cangaris and I am the co-founder of Cansoft sp. z o.o. I am very happy to have you here at my company's website. Since I have started the company I had one major goal - to create products that will help to make the world better. Does it sound turgid? Maybe it does but well designed and efficient software can accelerate processes in a company, and this brings savings. An app that we've created for Primea is a good example here. With just one mouse click it does a work that would be done in a month if handled by a single employee.


  • Another app that helps you to sell more is a quotation creator launched at INTERTECH - a shop that offers more than thousands of products. The app accelerates the work, minimizes the risk of a mistake, helps you to keep the right order offering a clear layout of your offers.
  • Working with a social media platform that helps to learn English was a huge challenge for us. We have used new solutions based on Java11 + Spring5 + Angular9 to create it. Thanks to that it's fast and easy to use.
  • Examples mentioned above express our core bussines - programming. Our favourite technologies are JavaScript, AngularJS, TypeScript, Angular, Vue.js, Node.js, Nest.js, MongoDB, MySQL, Java EE, Spring, SpringBoot, Hibernate, PHP, Symfony, Doctrine.
  • Creating websites means programming. When it comes to websites - we've created more than 50 of them! There are projects done in a couple of days as well as ones that took some years finish! We are in the process of ongoing improvement of our texts, product descriptions, and offer updates. Some can be found in our portfolio. Among them, you can find ones selling product and others that help to create company's brand.
  • The last (but not least) area that we take care of on the internet is ads market, specifically Google AdWords. During last 3 years we have managed marketing budget with over 1 M USD to spend. But this is not what makes us successful. Sucess comes when the customer is happy and what brings the happiness to our partners are the clients ringing their offices when our ads do their job :)


To join the group of key IT brands by 2049.


To create intuitive software which does a job of one person working a full day just by one click.


Every day we try to learn something new - bring a new piece to make our dreams happen.


Cansoft started to operate in 2020. It has been created by Damian Cangaris bringing his 10 years of experience in software development, creating websites and e-shops together with Bartłomiej Gąsiorowski, who has been inspired with internet analytics, advertising and reaching customers with the internet since his school days.

Damian Cangaris, Cansoft sp. z o.o.
Damian Cangaris
Software Director, IT Trainer
Bartłomiej Gąsiorowski, Cansoft sp. z o.o.
Bartłomiej Gąsiorowski
E-Marketing Director, IT Trainer
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Our offer

  • We are programmers for rent! It will be our pleasure to help you to optimize your selling or manufacturing processes or to monitor KPI's in your company. We can work as a subcontractor of your software projects.
  • We will perform all marketing activities, precisely following your goal, relying on data provided by Google. Each and every one of our specialists loves his job. A programmer could talk about the programming languages for ages! Marketing analytics would tell you about number and analysis, but...
  • For us, the final effect is a key. Making a work easier, communication more efficient, providing new customers for our partners.


Programmers for lease will help you in the following IT areas:

Web applications

Standard lead time for this service ranges between 60 to 270 work days.

  • ERP webapps
  • CRM webapps
  • Social networking sites
  • Webshops
  • B2B Platforms

Programming trainings

Standard lead time for this service ranges between 60 to 270 work days.

  • HTML, CSS trainings
  • Node.js, Nest.js trainings
  • Java EE, Spring trainings
  • JS, Angular, Vue.js trainings
  • PHP, Laravel, Symfony trainings

Internet marketing

Standard lead time for this service ranges between 60 to 270 work days.

  • Google AdWords advert
  • Facebook advert
  • Google positioning (SEO)
  • Website optimization
  • Google Analytics
Our favorite Back-End technologies are JavaEE, Spring, SpringBoot, JPA, Hibernate, Node.js, Nest.js, PHP, Symfony, Laravel
Our favorites technologies are the frameworks Angular, AngularJS (supported by Gooogle) and Vue.js, ReactJS.
We have over 2000 hours of experience in Back and Front-End training. We've trained over 200 people.
Mobile apps designed for Android are programmed in Java with JavaFx graphic library

Programming experience

Here are some examples of our programming projects that we've already accomplished and are proud of .... ;)

IT projects portfolio

The portfolio contains accomplished web apps, websites, shops - more details to be shared during the meeting :)

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